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Chair Massage Benefits

Work can be stressful!  There are many ways to help combat work-related stress but none that gives you all the benefits that Chair Massage can bring. There are so many great reasons to bring Massage Therapy to your office:

  1. Decrease stress and anxiety - Massage Therapy has been shown, in research, to lower stress and anxiety levels.  When people are stressed they tend to be tired and unfocused.  Bringing in massage therapy once a month can decrease the stress of work-life therefore a more productive employee.
  2. Increase Immune function - Studies have shown that our immune system reacts positively to regular massages.  How much money is lost on employees home sick?  Increasing immune function can help your employees stay at their desk so the work gets done.
  3. Decrease work-related issues - Our bodies want to MOVE!  Work-related problems like Headaches,  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and Low back pain can stop an employee from working at their peak performance. It's hard to be productive when you're in pain.  Massage can help by relaxing the muscles associated with these issues and help keep your employee aware of his/her body mechanics so the pain lessens.  We don't take breaks like we should.  A 15 minute break could make a world of difference!
  4. Morale Boost - The relaxing effects of Chair massage can be a great mid-day morale boost that will leave your employee feeling energized, in a better mood and ready to work!  A happy employee is a productive employee
  5. Improved sleep - One of the great benefits of massage is its ability to help improve sleep.  Our bodies need sleep to function and, let's face it, we don't get the sleep we need.  A better night's sleep leads to a more productive day filled with energy!

How does the Chair massage session go?
In a typical chair massage, you sit leaning forward into a massage chair with your face resting in a face cradle while a therapist massages your neck, back, and arms. If space is available the room can be set-up to maximize relaxation with soft lighting and relaxing music.  If you’re not already familiar with chair massage, chances are you’ve noticed its use in airports, conferences, or salons. The idea of corporate chair massage is that you don’t have to leave the office to help your team take care of their minds and bodies. There’s no special preparation or change of clothes required and you enjoy the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of a massage without having to sneak out of the office for a spa day.

Chair Massage Pricing - $65/hour
* I have a 3 hour minimum and a 6 hour maximum per day.  Chair massage session that are  3-4 hours require a 1/2 hour break. Chair massage sessions that are 5-6 hours require a 1/2 hour break and a 15 minute break.  You will not be charged for these breaks but they will be added to the time spent in your office

Have questions?  Please contact me at (757) 553-4052 or email me at [email protected] and we can discuss all options available.