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Greetings! Welcome to my website! My name is Eileen Monaghan. I moved to the Hampton Roads area in 2002 from New York City. I attended the Fuller School of Massage soon after and graduated in February 2004. I always wanted a career that would allow me to work with people and found Massage Therapy to be a perfect fit. I am a lifelong student; always looking for another class to take to further hone my skills and meet new and interesting people who share my passion for massage.

I have also shared my love for massage by teaching at the Fuller School of Massage. I have 2 classes that I teach independently now, Prenatal Massage and Oncology Massage.

I will always listen to what you want first and foremost and tailor your session to your needs. I believe massage is a partnership between the client and therapist; each with an important function. I strive to be a catalyst for change.

I allow plenty of time in between appointments so you do not feel rushed. 

Massage Education and Training:

Advanced Fuller School of Massage 2003

Anatomy and Physiology, Basic Fundamentals of Massage

Advanced Courses: Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Lower Body Injury, Hydrotherapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Aromatherapy and additional courses

513 hours

Continuing Education:

Aromatherapy with Dr. Willita Mooring - 36 hrs

Prenatal Massage (Certified) with Judith Koch - 24 hrs

Pregnancy and Massage 101 and Growing a Prenatal Practice with Carole Osborne - 14.5 hrs

Infant Massage Instruction with Judith Koch - 16 hrs

Reflexology (Certified) with Juliebeth Mezzy - 220 hrs

Myofascial Release (Upper Body) with Tracy Morris - 20 hrs

Oncology Massage 6 day Intensive with Lauren Cates - 48 hrs

Lymph Drainage: Protocol for Detoxification and Minor Pathologies with Juul Bruin - 21 hrs

Understanding Lymphedema: Working with the Lymphatic System after Cancer Treatment with Juul Bruin - 21 hours

Bodywork for Anxiety and Depression with Tracey Moon and Sharon Nash - 18 hrs


Association of Bodywork and Massage Practitioners (ABMP) since 2005

my liability insurance
Eileen Monaghan, Licensed Massage Therapist
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